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Dennis Quiles brings to life the truth behind human trafficking with his book ‘Ordainment Betrayal’

17 October, 2017 – Human trafficking is a horrendous crime that is still very much prevalent in our society today, although the truth has been masked from public recognition. It

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Experience the deepest insight into the situation of Black American society

Chicago, USA – 17 October, 2017 – The black American society has been through a complexity of economic, social, physical, emotional and political challenges that has changed the very fabric of their existence. The struggle of a Black American through

Experience the same content and fast internet surfing experience just like home with AlwaysHome

17 October, 2017 – Many people get home sick when they travel to remote places away from home. They find it difficult to get on the internet and access their home contents like they used to do back at home.

Honey G to Become X-Factor Judge

Former X-Factor contestant and rapper Honey G returns to the show as a judge. She appeared in the thirteenth series of the U.K version getting a record deal after finishing fifth on the show. Honey G would be replacing former

Enjoy one of the warmest and most comfortable high quality Camel wool socks ever

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – 17 October, 2017 – Cold can cause a lot of discomfort and ill health to the receiver especially if received in large quantities. It is important to cover up parts of our body especially the hands and

No Mining app – secures browser from all forms of CPU hijacking

17 October, 2017 – Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies that make use of encryption for security. They are decentralized in nature, therefore, anyone can use them for making payments that can’t be tracked by the governments. As crypto-mining has gained popularity,

Author Solon Phillips Educates and Enlightens Readers on Marriage and its Relevant Aspects

A helpful book that gives social, emotional and spiritual guidance on marriage and involuntary divorce Solon Phillips, J.D., M.B.A., compassionately educates individuals on marriage, legal concepts of marriage and divorce, biblical concepts of marriage and divorce, advise individuals on preventing

Vibe high and experience total life transformation with Angela Christine

Illinois, Chicago – 17 October, 2017 – A lot of people make sober resolutions every time to transform their lives for better by eating right, working out, losing weight, dropping bad habits and living more productively. But only less than

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China takes control of global silver prices

China has been an unofficial price-setter for most metals over the past decade. And this week, the country became an official participant in setting prices for one of the world’s most important precious metals markets. That’s the London Bullion Market

Hopes of business-friendly reforms in India fade

Even as India shines as a rare bright spot in a sluggish global economy, the country’s business-savvy prime minister is watching his popularity wane. Narendra Modi swept into power in May 2014 on the strength of a charismatic personality and

Chinese stocks plunge more than 6%

China’s Shanghai composite index plunged more than 6% Thursday — its biggest one-day drop in a month — amid ongoing fears about the health of the world’s second largest economy. The benchmark dived 6.4% to 2,741.25, days before finance ministers

Global markets rally as Japanese stocks surge 7% on extra stimulus hopes

European and Asian markets rallied Monday as Japanese stocks surged after dismal growth data raised hopes of extra stimulus from Tokyo. Japan’s Nikkei 225 index rebounded from a 5% dive last week to surge 7.2% to close at 16,022.58, its

Europe racks up billions in deals with Iran now that sanctions are lifted

Europe is racking up billions in deals with oil-rich Iran as its president, Hassan Rouhani, makes a goodwill tour less than two weeks after the lifting of international sanctions on the Islamic Republic. Iran is looking to boost its economic ties

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